Courier and parcel services will increase in 2019

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Courier and parcel services will increase in 2019

The logistics and transport sector is undoubtedly living a great moment, and that is that companies that offer courier and parcel services do not stop growing, in fact a significant increase in shipments is expected for 2019 .

2019 courier services will increase

E-commerce messaging continues to increase 20% year-over-year.

And it is that as stated in the study of DBK Sectorial Observatory INFORMS the annual turnover in this sector has increased quite remarkable figures, and that e – commerce has increased by 20% over the previous financial year for the third consecutive year .

We buy every time in online stores

E- commerce is as we have said great drivers of increasing messaging services, and the offer we find on the Internet is increasingly rich in variety and very competitive in prices, if you add to that the ease and comfort of Buy from anywhere, either from your mobile while waiting in the dentist’s room, or when you are so calm at home, with your tablet, making the purchase in your trusted supermarket, because the result is that more and more is bought in Internet.

Fast and safe shipping on online purchases.

You can enter the website of your supermarket, make the purchase at 10 in the morning and at 3 in the afternoon have it in your home, fast and with free shipping. And we are creating such a strong trend in online purchases that it is already unusual to pay shipping costs.

But this upward trend of buying online, also means that courier companies have had to make an investment in updating, and provide the user with real-time useful information about the status of their shipment, so that companies that have not taken Awareness of this new way of seeing courier and transport are going through difficult times. As well as small local courier agencies, as there are many of the services offered that have been reduced.

Messaging is so booming that we also find mobile applications that at very reduced prices can pick up the item or items we want in different locations for us and take them wherever we want in just a few hours.

Restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores, accessories, tools, lamps, furniture, mattresses … Absolutely everything you might need to buy for your daily life can be brought to you by a messenger to your home, comfortable and very economical or even free.

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